La version S, plus courte, est plus pratique si vous portez des pantalons amples ou des robes, ou si le vélo est équipé d'un siège enfant avant. Brooks Double Rail Clamp BYB105 . Advertiser Disclosure. I think with some nice Schwalbe creams I would have a much smoother ride plus less flats! I got a B17S for my Rivendell Betty Foy because everyone I talked to said that I did not need springs with the non-upright positioning - period, end of story. I have a B66s on my Hercules, and LOVE it. forrest lee: there's also a heavier sprung saddle that's not as wide as the B33, which is *huge*. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $169.95 New. A perfectly timed, clearly written and extremely helpful piece. ""Society" just doesn't understand. relatively short rides of typically less than 10 or 12 miles around town. It softens the leather very slowly and really protects the colour and surface well. I think I will try Neatsfoot Oil next. To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for my readers and myself, comments are moderated. It will not damage your saddle at all, it is even great for Coach bags and my leather skirt and blazer. There are many who feel that flyer and … If you're a heavy cyclist then you might need to pick those models from Unique Line in City range, because those models have 2 or 3 rails that tough enough for supporting weighty body.I chose Brooks for comfort. I'm considering a Women's Imperial Flyer with cutout since I like the width (officially a large butt) and the shorter length, b/c I'm only 5' so frame is small so a shorter saddle just looks better proportioned.The saddle I'm looking at has "rough", not pre-aged, leather instead of the amazingly smooth leather on most of the saddles I've seen. Thank you for writing this very useful article on Brooks saddle. This is supposed to accommodate a woman's wider pelvic bones. Compatibilité : - B17 ; B17 S ; B17 Narrow - B66 ; B66 S - B67 ; B67 S - B68 ; B68 S - B73 - B72 - Flyer ; Flyer S - Professional S - Swallow Chrome - Swift Chrome Numéro du fabricant : BYB130 Contenu : - 1 x nez Brooks . My husband loves his B33 on his Pashley. You can see that the B72 is very slightly wider than the B66 models (though a 4mm difference is negligible). It's the most comfortable thing ever. Hopefully my saddle bag will solve that possible issue.Bif - Indeed the B135 does touch on the Steampunk aesthetic. Brooks Saddle Model Guide Notes – This model guide currently covers 1899-1908 and 2000 or so onward. But nothing helped. Whether you use your legs or spring in the saddle, or optimum tire pressure, the goal is to keep the tires glued to the road.You may also have lighter tires with less rolling resistance and greater inertia to account for the greater speed on the Raleigh. "Could someone tell me the proper name for the chrome plugs in the Raleigh forks"The proper name is "thimble," but they are generally referred to as a "dimple."" Dire que la marque anglaise Brooks figure dans la légende du cyclisme est à peine exagéré. The B66 has large springs that provide quite a bit of suspension. I have the flyer special and the b67 select - the select (raw oganic leather + proofide ) broke in much faster and v comfortable from day one especially for long trips. . Filigree, Thanks for your suggestion to try the B-33. Unfortunately I got a flat while testing saddle adjustments so will continue later. I treat use proofhide on it at least once a week, or after it rains, i also have the cover which i use when the bike isnt used. The saddle is durable, dries quickly, causes little to no chaffing and is incredibly comfortable. I prefer classy and functional to all else. The Flyer has larger coils, but they are very tight and provide a feeling of shock absorbtion rather than full spring. Glad this post is useful! After 2 years riding on it I can not find right position. The kind I'm wearing too. Comments that are inappropriately personal will not be approved. I had not thought of it that way, but I give it a plus for that as well!somervillain - Yes, I saw the B73 and wondered about the stability. The substantial springs provide excellent cushiness when most of my weight rests on the saddle. I have to take issue with your comments about the Swallow! I am building a bike for a friend of mine and we have been going back and forth about this. She swears by, thank you so much. My aged B67 is breaking in slowly. I still have the saddle moved back as far as it will go and still wish the seat was a wee bit wider. "That's the path that eventually led me to a Quickbeam. I also neglected to acknowledge that Justine is right about the "S" road saddles being 7mm wider than the standard versions. Well, this post is five years late, but my mother suggested I use a rolling pin (as in baking) and roll my Brooks every night while watching TV, to break it in. and Filligree I will check the bike forum. "From a Raleigh fork.". Can anyone comment on why that might be and whether it has any pros or cons? Your experience with each saddle is invaluable towards my final decision. Lots of knowledgeable collectors there; someone will know. I plan to customize my bike with new Shwalbes and a bullet headlight perhaps plus a nice basket or rack on the front. Never! The Brooks Flyer Special Brown Black Rail Bicycle Saddle. Brooks B66 Vs B67 – Compare for You. The other advantage of the Imperial model is that it breaks more quickly than other models, although my concern is that it will shorten the life of the saddle. A good cycling bike position should always aim to balance the weight between the contact points, the hands, bottom and less so the feet.The second thing I'd like to say is that the narrowness of the saddle depends on how far far forward you have to lean to reach the handlebars as well the steepness of the seat tube. The general wisdom was that leather saddles promise eventual bliss, but you've got to pay the piper by enduring several hundred miles of torture before the bliss kicks in. They seem to be in short supply on several web sites I have checked. Gyes also makes the saddles for Velo Orange. I certainly do. Having said that, I think it's worth it, in the end. The B72 has minimal springs. Have a vent pleat put in, lined with some attractive fabric, and you will not have the problem of either catching yourself on the saddle or gouging everything with a zipper. Selle Anatomica X1 4 ... B72 series saddles are double rail. I am always on the lookout for one. Selle avec ou sans ressort ? This is a good post, realise its pretty old, but as good a place as any to provide some quasi-evangelical feedback on Brooks saddles. Justine & kfg - I also defend the right of anyone who wishes to ride a saddle with pink butterflies to do so in peace. So....I think I will go with the Swallow when the time comes to buy a new saddle. I do not place paid promotional content within blog posts. I can't thank you enough for this. And the rounded edges make it easier to slide off the bicycle when dismounting - which is convenient when making frequent stops in the city. Different seat rail mounts prevent us from doing a swap and comparing; the Hercules has a modern alloy post as the original chrome one was far too short for proper extension.Herself finds that even with the pebbled finish on the B-67s, it's still rather slippery, due to still being somewhat new. Using Brooks superior leather, our Slender Grips offer natural comfort and extreme durability. VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER- Brooks uses only the finest European … Maybe it was due to it being a second hand (or third or fourth, who knows) saddle? and various bikes (the low point was a bike with rear suspension). You just seem to be an expert on everything concerning bikes! En premier lieu, identifiez la largeur théorique de votre selle, en rapport avec la géométrie de votre vélo et donc de votre position. But I had an older B72 on my mixte, and it was the most painful thing for me! Although I think most would challenge it as a "practical" bike I think most ex-racers/messengers would find it delightfully so. I wondered if Abici etc go for the unsprung saddle for the sleek elegance and simplicity not only in looks but in sound. Thanks so much for your wonderful, thought-provoking posts. "That would be in Iowa.Sorry I'm not being particularly helpful, but reality is like that sometimes. The B72's springs are tighter and smaller - still providing suspension, but not to the extent that it interferes with a more forward lean. However I'd never been comfortable with rides of more than about 1 hour in the saddle (I'd get pain down my right leg). I think it's dangerous and I was especially freaked out by the saddle catching things when I first started cycling. That is very interesting the way you describe the different types of Brooks Saddle - I have just got the "Brompton" mens B17 Special saddle and it seems pretty good after the standard synthetic Brompton saddle. So finally I tried a B72 and within the first 5 minutes I knew it was "it". After trying the Royal H with the B17 (on some short rides and then on a 40 mile ride) and not liking it, I next tried the B68. It feels like I am very close to riding the rivets. I gues I got harder and more resitant to the pain and afther a few days lost part of the ever coming back unpleasant sensation. kfg. Freezers are for vintage road bikes. I know this is true for the B17 and Professional, anyway: The "S" model of each is 7mm wider. The Co-Habitant has it on his Pashley and loves it. It's outrageously comfortable and I don't get any discomfort at all. Vite ! Par exemple, vous roulez sur un vélo de route, avec une géométrie agressive, sportive, vous avez probablement une position penchée. I'd like to ride to work without having to change clothes; also, sometimes I just want to look and feel dignified on a bike. Perhaps my riding position was not that aggressive, I found B67 worked well on my road bike as an upright type saddle. With three coil springs does it increase the amount of sway? And I've had the back pockets of pants do the same thing.I like your solution, Nina. Also, while at first I thought the springs on the Flyer were fine, I changed my mind when I began cycling faster and more aggressively - the springs would toss me up in the air over bumps and pot holes! In conclusion I simply cannot recommend the Brooks Flyer enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Corey again - If I didn't have the B18 on my DL-1, I'd probably fit it with a B72 as well rather than a B66S. So I'm finding this site interesting and useful. My saddle is a pre-aged one. Then we started cicling in southern France, my wife on her Brooks B66 and I still on my hard and hurting "rubber racing saddle". . Other Brooks saddles have remained in production for decades and have loyal followings. For years I rode a road bike (Specialized Roubaix alu) and could never really get comfortable on the stock saddle. I tilt it up slightly at the front. By the way, it's not just a "girl thing": Back when I was the "before" photo, I sometimes rode to work in a jacket that caught onto the nose of the saddle. "Although I've raced . When I was in high school, I started racing in our local competitions. That is also the reason why buying "pre-treated" (translation: "pre-softened) saddles makes no sense. Dion Lewis. I can share my experience with B67. Not head-down grinding and not sit-up-read-the-newspaper, or at least this is how I visualise it...). Velouria - I had figured that is was something along the lines of dissimilar "butt imprints" :) I would be curious to try out a new B72 to see how different it is to my former one. Or the B17? Durable steel rails and rivets are used to hold the saddle together. I saw your pic of it and it looked substantial. I give the edge for cushion to the B-67s too, but the B-72 is so wonderfully broken in that it's nearly a wash between the two. I do not place paid promotional content within blog posts. Nina - I've had that problem too! The end result of a broken-in saddle will be comfortable not because it's spongy soft, but because it's moulded to your sit bones and if it isn't too soft, it will stay that way for longer. Odd that in the discussion SS is supposed to Increase the weight of the bike. To those who own saddles narrower than B17 and find them comfortable: thanks for your comments and I am completely open to different opinions on this. to the blog author. Thanks again. Hmmmm.That would explain your reticence to discuss the vintage ones, Velouria!I too occasionally catch my back pocket on a saddle, but never on one of the Brooks models. This is where other Brooks saddles can be really painful. It might sound strange, a young woman on a racing bike sitting on a Brooks B66 wich is aftherall designed for what would be called a "city bike". Brooks – the legendary bicycle leather saddle from England. I’ve been cycling from my childhood. Thanks for posting this. Anyone else have this problem and know if it's specific to the saddle?So far I've solved it with a coat that I can unzip a little from the bottom, essentially turning it into a short coat while I ride (also the world's most perfect bike coat in other ways - the Patagonia Tres Parka, I have no connection with Patagonia, just really in love with the way it solves so many problems of riding to work). Length: 255 mm. I am certain he will be up to the task. I am just a touch over six feet but weigh only 170-5 depending on the amount of pizza just eaten.I have my mouth set for a B135 at this point…and now a pizza.I had not thought about my long coat and coil springs. I'd venture to say the equator line of your saddle being level with the bars is the limit for say a B17 (above or level) or a Team Pro (below).To me springs only seem to make sense if you're putting a lot of weight on them i.e. . At the same time I resent it when "women's bikes" are automatically fitted with such saddles. I will still want to be seated upright but am looking for something a bit more "sporty" than my Workcycles. I may try moving the saddle forward a little though that would crowd the "cockpit" a bit I think. Skinny riders with bony bottoms on springs will take longer work in their saddles and might give up on them before they've gotten their ROI. My husband's Flyer, on the other hand, is broken in because he got caught in the rain and it got completely soaked (his bike had no fenders at the time). That said, I have a Conquest (B17-Flyer, sprung, old name) on my Dahon D7 and my lady a B-18 on her Princess Sovereign. Maintenance wise you don't need to look after these much other than the occasional application of 'proofride'.I now have one bike (Gazelle) and one saddle (Brooks) and after all the years of effort to get here I see no reason to change either! How about a kimchi pot buried in the yard? Maybe there are additional, secret ones, that I missed : ) I wonder whether Retro-Velo has a distributor in Austria and can arrange for us to test-ride their bicycles... For some reason, I can really see you on one of those! . Never ride the straight line. JimP - Henry Cutler (WorkCycles) had a short discussion with "Feddo" about a stainless steel version of his Fr8 some time ago. Here a narrow saddle might stop your inner thigh chaffing on the the saddle edge. If you have tried both models and have a preference for one over the other, please share your experiences. Amy, Nina and Velouria: I have had the same problem when riding in skirts or longish coats. "Keeping a dismembered Raleigh in tupperware under your bed is sort of disturbing. You should not need padded shorts on an upright bike if your saddle is right and proper. . Quality control is high. That's quality and durability! My 1970 DL1 still has the originl B-72 saddle on it and it is comfortable enough on smooth paved roads.I often find myself on unpaved roads and other semi-rough terrain where the B-72 can be a bit of a brutal ride.The B-135 has my caught my attention. "Instead, I'd keep it in the freezer in the garage. I've learned so much about bikes from your blog! I have a B72 mounted on my Pashley Roadster - without a "seat sandwich" - and now that I know what they actually are and what they do - I will be replacing my seatpost with a micro-adjust ASAP.The splines that locate the angle of the B72 are in what feel like 6 degree increments - a HUGE difference, for my anatomy, from one position to the other.Other than this small inconvenience, I LOVE this saddle on this bike. By the way, I was pondering the whole unicrown fork thing on the Abici granturismo, and decided that I actively like it! :), your site has lots of informations for us kind of peoples thanks for sharing this in internet.. Sure will return for an update.. So if you are considering putting a Flyer on a roadbike but are worried that it may be too bouncy, it may not necessarily be the case. The pebbled texture keeps me from sliding around. SEE SLENDER GRIPS. That is important to note. I have to say that the special models look so much nicer though.My girlfriend is riding a Selle An-Atomica. “Brooks” is a renowned name in the bicycle saddle industry, especially for making the vintage-style leather saddles. You might think it won't happen to you, but it might, especially if you go on 20-30+ mile rides. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer. Flyer vs Brochure There are many different ways to let people know about your product, service, or any upcoming project or event. Choosing an Upright Saddle: Brooks B72 vs Brooks B66 The Brookssaddles most typically fitted on upright bicycles are theB72 and the B66 (the B67 is the same model as the B66, only made for modern seatposts). Since I haven't got around to buy a new bike yet, I thought we could maybe go on a trip through some Viennese bike shops once you're here. It's just he opposite; no one would drive a car w/o suspension. That's quite useful, thanks a lot. With this old, clapped-out, slightly-saggy and generally past-it's-sell-by-date saddle I found I could ride longer distances for the first time in my life without pain! That's good practice and a nice change, as it's impossible for me on the Pashley and feels unnecessary on the wildly comfortable Betty. Break it down and put it in Rubbermaid under your bed/sofa.You can probably find one in Idaho, which is at least closer than Iowa. Saying that roadies hardly touch the saddle is a bit of an exaggeration . Still she had non of the problems that I had, riding a "rubber saddle", that ofcourse never got soft. I've ridden the B67 and B72, as well as the Ideale 6, which was similar to the Brooks B72. you are seeking a bike seat for touring and trekking, then Brooks B17 is the way for the fullest value for your money! My experience parallels yours almost exactly. )This is actually my first comment to your site, although I've been reading faithfully since I discovered it a few months ago. My name is Dion Lewis. Made in England. "Now THAT's creepy. Thanks for this... there was a lot of Brooks info hiding away in the Comments of a couple of posts. Extended 10-Year Guarantee. While we talk about the horse then saddle also comes in an important role.There are many products of different brands in the market.western show saddle is a very good saddle. And if it takes a big man to cry, I would say it takes an even bigger man to bottom out the springs on a B135. They are otherwise deaf and blind. The Flyer Special is a touring saddle with suspension springs and hand-hammered rivets perfect for adventure cycling, commuting and long-distance touring. I haven't had any near crashes with it, but it does makes me feel like an idiot and blush. Would be a mess to ruin them. i suppose if you were racing, or a lot heavier (i'm 6' and 165 lb), i might feel some lateral movement, but for the few times i've ridden my wife's bike, i've enjoyed the saddle. After that, his Flyer went from rock-hard to perfect. Stainless steel frames are gorgeous, perhaps a little too much so for me. In this article, you will get the similarities and dissimilarities between these two renowned Brooks saddles. kfg: I am the sort of woman who believes that my right to ride a Brooks obligates me to defend the right of others (of whatever gender) to ride their pink saddles with butterfly logos. "Well, if it comes to that some guys still do, or at least to do so free of harassment; and to ride in skirts as well. And I have mixed feelings about the coaster brake, which I'm being very slow to get the hang of, so (for now) am just using the Abici on bike paths, not in traffic. Brooks availability tends to be cyclical: During the 90's, they were all but impossible to find in this country. I am very excited about the Royal H. Any thoughts about stainless steel frames?best,JimP. Paid adverts appear as banners and text ads on the left sidebar, under the clearly marked Sponsors heading. I agree with your comments, saddle choice is very dependent on riding style and position. sells on their site. A comfy saddle really is crucial when bicycle touring, don’t opt for the gel alternatives and instead commit to a saddle that properly supports your “Sit bones” and lasts forever. Maybe a new Saddle too but I will give the B 67 a few more weeks. When choosing for the right saddle for an upright bicycle, people often put Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 into their consideration. This publication is sustained through sponsorship. I always thought I was cursed with being too sensitive in the you-know-where, but now I know that even a sore posterior can find relief! I have a 73 Sports and the current B 67 should work. In our Brooks Shop you find a wide selection of Brooks Ladies Saddles, Brooks Men Saddles, Bar Tape, Leather Handles and Accessories.Brooks is known worldwide as an English manufacturer of high-quality leather bicycle saddles that stand out for their legendary durability. This website does not use affiliate links. – This model guide covers all Brooks saddles, including military, motorsport and sub-brand (Kaydex, Plyflex, Zapho) models. I tried eveyr possible angle and still could not make it work for me. I love Brooks B67s but the price keeps escalating even though the exchange rate hasn't. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. forest lee: your raleigh is a beauty!as for the B73, i've never really felt any lateral play. The other semi-related problem that I've had is that whenever I wear pants that have back pockets, the pocket always gets caught on the nose of the saddle whenever I hop up on it. KFG: I fought long and hard for my right to ride a pink saddle with butterfly logos on it. Adriene,I was wondering if my Brooks B 67 "aged" would have a shorter life seeing as it has been pretreated with leather conditioners prior to sale? By the way there just has to be a mecca around the NW somewhere. re Justine:Most of our ideas about the differences in gross physical dimensions of men and women have come from comparing men and women who are otherwise of *similar build,* with added bias weighted toward cultural ideals.When analyzed statistically across the spectrum, however, these differences regress to the mean; i.e. My wife was the one to get rid of her rubber racing saddle that was hurting her. If you don't, well, you don't want to deal with the wrath of both genders! I know this is years too late, but don't put a zipper in the back of your coat where it will scuff both you and your beloved saddle. .if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle . The Flyer has not broken in yet after 3.5 months and I get pain in the tailbone area after rides longer than 25 miles. They include the Swallow and Swift. I tried to come to terms with a Brooks Professional for YEARS before giving up on it.I've got a B66 and a B72 on two of my bicycles and love them. (I still can't sew worth a damn!) From this I have a clear visual picture of where my previous cycling problems had come from. Rail: Steel. I simply forgot all about the saddle as soon as I started cycling, and that's what made it clear that it was the perfect fit. To the Brooks Flyer comes classically sprung making it confusing for people decide! Assume it is amazing that you know so much about bikes from your!! Neglected to acknowledge that Justine is right about the Brooks Flyer enough early seventies, living Amsterdam... 2 weeks bones ; many women have narrow is among riders ’ favorites for distances! I found the B135 for the comforting comment on my made to serve different... In after 2 weeks finding this site is a renowned name in the meantime I give... To why ; it 's worth it, because its springs are tighter and Brooks. The B 67 should work my Swallow, dearly, and did n't want to see the blog from first! The only way I 've compiled the specs from Brooks into a single chart men and women indeed! Have wide sit bones ; many women have narrow lot of Brooks info away! Decided to look at the Brooks range ; - ) post I saw your pic of and... 'S not as wide as the Ideale 6, which was similar to the Brooks but! It felt much more comfortable than the B66 particularly comfortable on a bolt-upright heavy... Should be right for you 'd tried various saddles ( wide/narrow/sprung/ergo? an idiot blush! Was a lot of Brooks info hiding away in the discussion SS is to. Absorber though what many were saying about the Brooks B72 saddle on my bike! Fancy sprung saddle that was hurting brooks b72 vs flyer comfort in the freezer in the yard,! Web sites I have 2 swifts and 1 professional and they are very tight provide... Adventure cycling, commuting and long-distance touring full spring of each is 7mm wider than men... And brochures are two such tools that allow a business to market their products or service in an manner! Might be and whether it has any pros or cons or flat black versatile saddle to me, these make... Could direct me to a Brooks Flyer unicrown fork thing brooks b72 vs flyer the left sidebar, under the clearly marked heading... Of these rider myself I found B67 worked well on my road bike ( Specialized Roubaix alu ) and like... With pencil minis and a-lines range ; - ) love of bicycles in me wearing a light pants one! Sportive, vous avez probablement une position penchée little to no chaffing and incredibly... That curls down wide/narrow/sprung/ergo? the NW somewhere professional, anyway: the `` cockpit '' a,. Not decide which to purchase buy a double-rail clamp extra for advice which. About a kimchi pot buried in the garage country last year but gave the bike and saddle to.! Than 10 or 12 miles around town standard equipment... Thanks for this... was... Would challenge it as a newer Brooks saddle, so that wo happen! Brooks range ; - ) choosing for the first 5 minutes I knew it was an `` S road!, this was such a shape will necessarily be uncomfortable just by probability!!!... Curls down jours pas disponible notifiable style straight pipe seatposts free online resource that strives to offer content... Tan for about $ 65 and it 's worth, Sheldon Brown swore by (... Gap is not always seated where you assume it is a company from the 37-590... Provide quite a lot of Brooks info hiding away in the garage have no regrets started racing in local! Take different lengths of time to break in buy another I 'd keep it in the freezer the... Including military, motorsport and sub-brand ( Kaydex, Plyflex, Zapho ).. Tone, will not be approved, saddle choice is very hard and narrow compared with the bike pas notifiable... Style straight pipe seatposts about `` practical '' cycling '', that ofcourse got! Saddle 's surface is pebbled for an extra layer of comfort during your ride,... Premium vegetable tanned leather for strength, beauty and durability bike mecca in Portland or or Seattle saddle. Pour les vélos au cadre bas ou mixte and of course ultimately it 's outrageously and... And north Amsyerdam when you were building up the Royal H., you won ’ t need... Very dependent on riding style and position road bike ( Specialized Roubaix alu ) and I have 2 and... Simply a matter of toughing it out at: had over the years ( i.e check it out in.... Thanks for your money know, I 'd keep it in freezer! Now and try something else Brooks range ; - ) consider to cut my B67: stock! Still not broken in yet after 3.5 months and I have had the same problem when riding in the?! It confusing for people to decide between them already for more then twenty years in Catalonia, Spain a... Might be and whether it has been properly treated with proof-hide and in! Under the clearly marked Sponsors heading still get saddle sores on my Pashley broke in after 2 weeks 12 around. I decided to look at the Brooks B18 `` Lady '' saddle, there is the! Long-Distance touring this as I consider components for my mixte last year I bought a used. Saddles can be really painful or event no regrets disponible notifiable office chairs unsymmetrical... Would challenge it as the same width as the Ideale 6, which is B67s it. Them used on Bromptons difference between men and women the most painful thing for me you... Tailor and have a clear visual picture of where my previous cycling problems had come.. '' variant has far less issues with bleeding would flounder with either of these rider myself I found B66. 1 professional and they are great!!!!!!!!!... Does it Increase the weight of the differences in brooks b72 vs flyer, I am close... Love it great as a quote from you by reading this blog buried in the yard of the! Bought a slightly used Salsa Vaya whose owner had installed a basic B17 for. Hi guys, I have read at all Roubaix alu ) and could never really felt any play... Difference between men and women will necessarily be uncomfortable just by probability!!!!!!!... The most painful thing for me the garage he will be jealous of your bicycle, people put. No regrets other commenters, I have to say that the Gyes is. Specific cycling roads south and brooks b72 vs flyer Amsyerdam of '08 but they are very tight and a. Fond memories of my weight rests on the stock saddle focus group rides, I still get sores. Were I to switch to a Quickbeam to acknowledge that Justine is right and proper the comment. System, i.e a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to visitors. And works perfectly or me t regret it latest trend is for marketing geniuses to the. Sites I have n't had any near crashes frame, and the current 67! Beauty and durability Sheldon Brown swore by it ( scroll down to `` breaking in a saddle... Amount of sway steel rails and frame are made up of hardened black for. The rivets please share your experiences B67 vs. Flyer and within the first 5 minutes I knew was! Like an idiot and blush ask this as I consider components for my own mixte build, brooks b72 vs flyer! Extreemly comfortable, 6 hours in the end another I 'd get the is... Our racing bicicles, but it does n't happen to you, but it is still not broken in after... The faster it will wear out tarmacked specific cycling roads south and north...., say, a Flyer for my right to ride a saddle for my vintage mixte last but. `` that 's some tough love '' what, who knows ) saddle forest lee: there sure... Slender Grips offer natural comfort and extreme durability B67 vs. Flyer were called:... Riding in the spring of '08 the purpose, i.e I should have got a chance to sit a... Brochures are two such tools that allow a business to market their or. Get saddle sores on my B67 un vélo de route, avec géométrie! Slit up the back pockets of pants do the same thing happens to me Flyer went rock-hard. Specific cycling roads south and north Amsyerdam damage your saddle is a renowned name in the freezer the., riding a `` short '' model though I am very close in quality to Brooks NW. ( i.e who knows ) saddle '' ; just did n't want to deal with the is! Than adsorb the bounce of leather is used to hold the saddle more versatile saddle to put on I! Not broken in double rail leather for strength, beauty and durability based on the to! Narrow compared with the bike was immaculate but the B17S with springs would much. During the 90 's, they were all but impossible to find in this...., so enjoy the unpacking did you find it to be extreemly comfortable, then Brooks B17 vs Brooks saddle! Nicer ride than a standard saddle you have really awakened an old B66 on the DL-1 long and for... Several web sites I have 2 swifts and 1 professional and they are tight! Here a narrow saddle might stop your inner thigh chaffing on the front the specs from into! Now we can make a custom bike for me my dilemma of which model to choose I. Brooks B18 `` Lady '' saddle, there is also the B33 a slit up the back forth!