The seat has a generous 8 inch recline which makes for a reasonably comfortable way to get some shuteye. SUBSCRIBE on YouTubeFOLLOW on TwitterOnboard the Boeing 787 the day after Air Canada launched their Premium Economy product in North America. Vancouver to Toronto on 777-200LR. We have detected a device type and/or operating system version that may result in slow performance on this site. North America and Caribbean Premium Rouge, Hundreds of hours of top-rated on-demand entertainment, Greater recline (17.8 cm/7 in) and a larger seat compared to Economy Class, 50.8 cm/20 in (between armrests) on Boeing 777-300, 49.53 cm/19.5 in (between armrests) on Boeing 787-8, 45.7 cm/18 in (between armrests) on Airbus A330-300, A comfortable 96.5 cm (38 in) seat pitch with ample room to stretch out, A next generation entertainment system* featuring your own personal touch-screen TV, A single-pin audio jack for your own headset or complimentary earphones, yours to keep after the flight, An adjustable headrest, a comfortable pillow and blanket, as well as your own amenity kit, Ambient mood lighting and an individual reading light. Air Canada's Boeing 787-9 is primarily flown on long-haul routes and features a three class configuration with 30 Business Class Suites, 21 Premium Economy seats, and 247 standard Economy seats. We were totally exhausted when we arrived at the airport. From pretzels and ice-cream to a warm wraps, we definitely did not arrive hungry at our destination. On average, Business Class seats are a whopping 65% more. Are you considering an Air Canada upgrade to Premium Economy? Especially when it means I can let my kids burn off some extra energy. Our older child was given a kids pack which I understand is also given to Economy passengers. It’s what sets it apart from a standard Economy ticket. Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and, compared to standard … Every bit of feedback is valuable to continually improve our content. Lets look at some facts. And when her ears hurt from descending and she felt her headphones made them feel better (haha, whatever works) they told her to take them off. Whilst it’s not a very flat recline, it’s certainly a lot more to get a comfortable sleep on a long haul flight. We were leaving home for an entire year with two kids, so I needed it to be as stress free and easy going as possible. How much in advance you upgraded to Premium? There was a flight attendant assigned to the small cabin of Premium Economy, which resulted in more attention. For more information on Premium Plaza Lounges, click here. The tidy packs provided by Air Canada to Premium Economy ticket holders contains an eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush and a toothpaste. Many airlines now have inflight WiFi, however Air Canada have not managed to implement this yet. If the fare is reasonable, will usually fly through Taipei and connect to BKK on either EVA Air or China Airlines. I am not sure about you, but sometimes l love this, and other times I would rather hang out in the terminal a little longer. A Canada road trip Itinerary: Calgary to Vancouver. The proximity to the lavatory and galley area might be bothersome. We flew Air Canada Premium Economy in February/March from Toronto to London. To find out more click here or to book with Air Canada itself click here. The lead up to our flight was completely hectic, especially as we had been packing our lives up and renting the house out for a year. You could use air miles to get you upgraded? The legroom is … Air Canada Premium Eco flight from Vancouver to ShanghaiPuDong. On our North American routes, a complimentary meal box will include a pre-selected meal and snack item from the Air Canada Bistro. If you are flying Premium Economy on Air Canada, you are entitled to two checked bags of 23kg. Of course I’m sure they have better Champagne up the front but I really couldn’t fault the food. Inbound flights will also receive a pre-packaged meal box. The check-in, inflight entertainment and meal are much the same. These are ideal seats with young families with the amount of space in mind. Flight review: Air Canada B787-8 premium economy. Many people have asked exactly what is premium economy on Air Canada? I find salad on planes awful usually but it was fresh and crispy so I ate it all! Note: If you are flying Premium Economy, you can purchase an Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge pass for $25 Canadian. Thanks! Well it’s essentially a middle ground with regard, to price, comforts and amenities, a service that may airlines are now offering. The meal had three courses, starter, main and desert. The main was the same, stuffed ravioli whist she had some different sides such as freshly chopped fruit and some chocolate for dessert. Are there any downsides to flying Premium Economy with Air Canada? Although I could complain about our trip from Alberta to Nova Scotia, we didn’t get the same treatment in Economy and you. I feel kids really pick up on feeling enclosed and having that space really contributes to making things a little easier with them. Particularly helpful past the newborn stage. Looking forward to it! Air Canada Premium Economy costs more but is worth it in certain situations. Pamper yourself with Premium Economy and experience a larger seat, extra legroom, and priority airport services. ... Seats: 255 Economy 30 Premium Economy. Pamper yourself with Premium Economy, and experience superior comfort in a dedicated cabin, with premium meal service, enhanced amenities and priority airport services. As you can see from the photo below, there is plenty of legroom space in Premium Economy seats Air Canada. I love to hear from you, leave a comment and I will get back to you. Premium Economy row 12 has amongst the worst seats on all the plane. Indicates an external site which may not meet accessibility guidelines. We really needed it to be an easy check-in process with the kids, for our sanity. Toronto to Vancouver on 777-300ER. Light snacks were plentiful either side of our main meal. If you prefer to use your own headphones, there is a single pin audio. For flights departing North America*, a pre-packaged cold meal box, will be distributed featuring a main course crafted by our culinary partner, Chef Jérôme Ferrer, side salad, bread roll, and dessert. I love chilling in a Premium Plaza lounge with a newspaper and a glass of wine before my flight! Toronto to Vancouver on 777-300ER. I feel this comparison makes Premium Economy seems quite reasonable, especially as the price point is so different. Don’t they just feel lovely when you put them on your face? Sounds lovely. Don’t forget to book lounge access before going to the airport. I’ve noticed so many airlines have stopped giving packs like this out, so it’s nice to still get them in Premium! I was delighted that we finally took the plunge and locked it in as the first destination on our family gap year. We are all familiar with the difference between economy and business, however what is Premium Economy Air Canada? Air Canada has 'Preferred' seats in the Economy cabin, which offer extra legroom for an additional €42-€62 per flight, but it also offers 16 'Premium' pews at the front of the plane. In truth I found my economy flight on the same route a few months later a completely different experience. We have a tonne of helpful destination guides on Canada should it be helpful in planning your trip. However the real difference is in the seat and having a fully reclining bed as opposed to a chair. However as frequent flyers, we find booking online for  the international Premium Plaza very useful. Discover Flying Premium Economy Air Canada, compare seat space, meals and all round experience, Air Canada Premium Economy v Economy comparision I wish all plane meals were served like this for waste reasons. Melbourne to Vancouver on 787-9. Hi! The bassinet can hold up to 12kg and is longer than most other airline bassinets. Great service. Thankyou Luckily, Premium Economy passengers can check in at the Super Elite desk in Heathrow. Being a travel enthusiast, I love trying out new airlines, so I was excited to be adding. I flew Premium Economy to China and found the extra fee to be well worth it. Well I guess the Premium Class Air Canada seat space and recline might be the deciding factor. Use our calculator to determine your free checked baggage allowance. Check prices on flights with Air Canada here! All seats in this aircraft feature personal … My only hope might be to book "sardine class" and then try and snag a low-cost upgrade before the flight. No problem – print it at a self-serve kiosk when you get to the airport. Air Canada introduces its 787-8 aircraft on its initial routes from Toronto to Tokyo and Tel Aviv. Economy Vs Premium Economy: Price. The seat pitch is 96.5cm providing ample space to stretch-out and relax. Greater recline (17.8 cm/7 in) and a larger seat compared to Economy Class 50.8 cm/20 in (between armrests) on Boeing 777-300 49.53 cm/19.5 in (between armrests) on Boeing 787-8 We managed the entire 8.5hr flight, even with a lap child and a needy toddler relatively unscathed. A mid-flight cold sandwich will be served in disposable packaging, on select flights**. Lounge access is not included in the Air Canada Premium Economy class. On the plus side, it was great not to worry about having overweight baggage. I’m flying Vancouver to Hong Kong tomorrow and I upgraded to Premium Economy for $560 CAD. We pre-ordered a child’s meal for our daughter. Flight review: Air Canada B787-8 premium economy. Does Air Canada Premium Economy include lounge access? Canada had been high up on our bucket list for years. No printer? The disadvantage of front seats is just that you have to store all you hand bags over head for take off and landing since there is no seat in front of you to stow your bags in. Air Canada’s premium economy. For flights under 2 hours, a complimentary water bottle service will be available (meal and bar service not offered). The only other thing as mentioned previously is, I feel lounge access should be included. To satisfy your thirst, bar service will include bottled water, Lavazza coffee and black tea, a limited range of soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale), and individual sized bottles of red or white wine. The attendant also said it would be no problem if we needed milk heated or anything for the kids. Generally speaking it’s an average of 30% extra fare to fly Premium Economy across all airlines, and Air Canada is no different. I am going to be flying Air Canada Premium Economy in the following planes and was wondering which seats people would consider the best. The seats are wider, have more leg room, a foot rest, and more recline. Welcome to a new world of travel options offered from ground to air. The same goes for upping your class from Economy to Premium Economy. Being true to their home country, they had some great beverage choices, such as Canadian Club and Molson Canadian beer which I enjoyed. Anything to make the journey pass right? Kayak is certainly one of my favourite platforms when it comes to getting the best deal. On the 777, they are 20 inches wide (second only to Virgin Atlantic’s 21-inch offering), but this drops slightly on the 787. Once we were in the air, we were given those amazing hot towels. The entertainment console has a 28cm screen and has a good selection of current and classic movies. It is a shame Air Canada Premium Economy lounge access is not included in the price of the ticket. Seat 1 A is a standard Premium Rouge Class seat located at a bulkhead. Have you found this review of Flying Premium Economy with Air Canada useful? ... That said, if you are lucky, you can get a premium economy seat for £1,112. From check-in, to boarding, and of course, the service inflight is somewhat different from Economy. For more information on this lounge, click here. That is a whole extra bag in comparison to the standard Economy passengers! Air Canada is changing its Executive First business class to a staggered layout, installing premium economy seats and squeezing an extra economy class passenger into every row on its newest jets. I fly several times a year from YVR to Thailand since I have a second home there. You may be moved from your Preferred Seat without notice in the event of an involuntary schedule or airport change (e.g., flight disruption, cancellation) to accommodate a passenger with a disability, or for any other reason that requires Air Canada to move you prior to departure or during the flight I was quite impressed since on most other airlines we get handed a belt and asked if we know how to use it. Oh and just a quick reminder, you need an, I hope you find this write-up useful in making a decision about your ticket. The predominant difference in these seats is price. I will be flying on my own, and Aisle seat is my preference. * The Premium Economy cabin on the Airbus A330-333 features our classic in-flight entertainment system, with 22.6 cm/8.9 in monitors.
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